Welcome to the Sharper Image Management Consultant, Inc.

  Sharper   Image   Management  Consultants,  Inc., has   enjoyed   an   outstanding   
   reputation  in  the  Condominium  and  Homeowner  Association industry over the last 15 years
   for  its attention to property detail and appearance. 

  Our  properties  have  experienced  some  of  the  most  drastic  changes  during  the  period of
  time  that  we  have managed  them. Financially,  they  look  better. We  take great  pride in the 
  fact   that   we have  the   lowest   delinquencies   in   the   industry   as  well   as  some of  the
  lowest  legal  charges.  We  do everything  possible  to  make   sure   that   collections   are  the 
  highest percentage possible. Our  motto  is  "Building  Strong Communities".

  We  have   the  strongest  design  staff that can evaluate your property and make cost-effective
  changes that  will best showcase the property, whether  it be  changing  landscape bed-lines, re-
  pruning shrubs, changing  out  property,  signage  or  building  color  changes  and  architectural
  detail improvements.

  We   have   been   referred  to as the "Boutique Management" company because we offer a
   higher  level   of   service   with   greater   attention  to  design.  We  provide  this to our clients
  without escalated management costs.

   Jul Pe'rez,    CEO    of    Sharper    Image   Management  Consultants,  Inc.,   has worked  
   for  several   architectural   design   firms  in  Atlanta  and  has  been  featured  in  the  Atlanta
  Journal  Constitution. 
He  has  also  been  awarded   historical awards in Lakeland, Florida for
  "restoration with integrity" 
and  was  shown in "The Ledger".  His  landscape knowledge and
  design abilities  rival  the  best landscape companies in Atlanta. These abilities have benefited our
  communities immensely.

   We   strongly   believe   in  personal  contact,  therefore,  we  strive  to  make  sure  that  a  live
   person answers all calls.  Our  personnel  are  well-trained  and  can, in  most  cases, handle our
   client's requests during the initial call.  We  also  believe   in  having  the  best  support  staff,  as 
   well  as  the  most  up  to  date and innovative programs and equipment available so that we can
   best serve our clients.

   We   thank   you  for  your  interest  in  Sharper  Image Management Consultants, Inc.  If
   you  are  interested  in   a    formal  proposal/presentation,  please  fill  out  a request form under
   management proposal.


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